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For both fresh graduates and senior employees, find out below about

the exclusive "action plan" to get a job in Vietnam within 7 days!

" If you want to find a job

in Vietnam, this is for YOU! "

Vietnam is ranked the 10th best destination from expats (2021's Internation survey) among 60 countries.

Quality of life, economic growth, job opportunities and ease of moving to Vietnam were their main motivations.

" The best opportunities are now in Asia "

-- Warren Buffett, investor considered as the most talented in the world

"Intern, employee and even entrepreneur..."

"Hi, my name is Guillaume, expat in South East Asia for more than six years. Few years ago, I was in the same situation as you are today and I was looking for work in Vietnam. I spent 6 months in Hong Kong for an internship, 6 months in Cambodia and now I have been living in Vietnam for five years with jobs from employee to entrepreneur.

I am verry happy to disclose this information today to help you to find a fulfilled job in Vietnam.


Expat in Vietnam & founder


As seen on

And even on-air on some French TV channels :

#1 reason that RUINS your chances

to get a job in Vietnam

Many expats lack a solid professional network that they can rely on for help and recommendations ...

Networking for Expats in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

People tend to fail when they don’t understand the labor market and adapt to it. Are you in one of those scenarios?

  • You just arrived and do not know anyone in Vietnam yet?
  • You are still in your home country and searching for jobs for the first time in Vietnam?
  • You are looking to reach a higher position than your current one, or change your profession?

Pay attention to the information I am revealing to you, and be surprised!


used by some expats

Just wait a second! What if you knew exactly which company is hiring your position, which key decision makers to reach, and how to make your resume stand out in the first 6s? With our help, you’ll have some undeniable advantages over other fellows applying for the same job!

For an effective job hunt, the three steps must be carried out skillfully:

Finding the potential employers

Knowing which companies are currently hiring foreigners in your field.

Planning your relocation to Vietnam

Maximise your chance by physically being on the ground for your job search.

Passing interviews

Ready to be selected for interviews, persuasive to hiring managers and succeeding in getting the job.

Sounds easy to implement, right? Not at all actually! If you consider the language barrier, cultural differences, challenges in finding companies that are hiring, the gap on the employment market in Vietnam, etc ... Many expats get stuck at the first pain point and definitely give up their dreams of working in Vietnam.

The following action plan will provide you with an efficient roadmap to find a job in Vietnam in 7 days.

To help YOU, here is

“7 days to Find a Job in Vietnam”

The UNIQUE step-by-step program

to help you find your dream-job in Vietnam.

What most (future) expats are missing is a proven method that they can simply apply.

Without clear preparation, they will only accomplish things halfway, or even worse, give up along the way. Our solution will help you connect with companies that are currently recruiting and maximizing your chance of getting THIS first interview that will start everything.

🤫 What am I about to disclose to YOU ...?

Private list of companies

Updated list of all companies that are currently hiring foreigners in Vietnam.

  • Exclusive and private: it is updated every month to be sure you won't miss out any opportunities.
  • Organized by business sectors with confidential information (e-mail address, names of managers and even telephone numbers) to have an advantage over other candidates.

Proven 7-day method to find a job 🇻🇳

In this video training "7 days to Find a Job in Vietnam", an expert in recruitment based in Ho Chi Minh City will disclose the proven method you just have to follow.

This practical approach has been tested and effective for numbers of expats. All you must to do is to watch each step of the video, put on "pause", apply the tips. By the end of day, you have already submitted your job application.

Express trainings

Specific courses to be sure you will catch the attention of recruiters by :

  • Improving of your job application through preparing your CV + LinkedIn profile
  • Using proven email templates and LinkedIn invitation to connect fast to the decision makers and avoid mistakes
  • Succeeding your first job interview

"Best decision I've ever made in my life..."

"Going to live abroad was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. After a first work experience in Paris, I have been living and working in Vietnam for three years. I sincerely wish everyone to take action and be able to experience a life as an expat in Vietnam."


Freelancer in IT

Join the training

" 7 Days to Find a Job in Vietnam "


Just think for a second about the time you are about to save by following the roadmap of this training: it's an incredible shortcut to find the companies that are currently recruiting, reach them efficiently by avoiding mistakes most of the other candidates are doing and earn your first interview.

Here is what you are about to get :

  • List of companies currently hiring foreigners (value: $297)
  • Video course "7 days to find a job in Vietnam" (value: $197)
  • "Express" training (value: $97)
  • Templates for resume, e-mail and LinkedIn invitation (value: $77)

( 💥 Total Value: $668 )

Get $601 discount

Enroll in the course for $668 $67


100% satisfaction guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You take action, implement the advices and reach companies in Vietnam. If you do not receive any interview offers within 30 days, let us know and we will provide a full refund.

"A high salary of more than $6,000/month"

"As a Junior, I could never have had such important managerial responsibilities in France: managing a team of 8 people and making it grow up to 20 people with a high salary of more than $6,000/month (120,000,000 VND + 20% bonus commission-based on monthly performance). An experience that transformed my life."


Former Sales Manager

Lazada - Alibaba

This is NOT for YOU if ...

  • You think that you do not have to do anything to find your internship or job in Vietnam. If finding a job in Vietnam were that easy, we wouldn't have put so much effort into building an innovative program that transforms lives.
  • You are looking for a magic trick that does not require any effort neither personal involvement from you. Miracle methods won't work forever! What we provide you is a proven method that has been designed and improved among the months to make it efficient.
  • You are not ready to adjust your salary expectations or not motivated enough to find work in Vietnam. Show your motivation will be an key advantage in the recruitment process.

Key takeaway and

Objectives of the course

The 7 days method for finding a job in Vietnam contains:

  • An updated list of companies that are currently hiring expats in your field to you save time and target the right companies.
  • Insights from an HR to avoid mistakes that most expats are doing ruining their chances of finding a job in Vietnam.
  • The road map that you MUST follow and apply to implement proven actions that will lead to interviews and job proposals from decision-makers in Vietnam.
  • Resume, e-mail, invitation templates for LinkedIn to catch the attention of recruiters, using a proven method to reach them out in a view to upgrade yourself from other candidates.

Join the training for only $67

(limited-time discount of $601)


All these resources are immediately available as soon as your order is placed. You are about to have access to the training in a few minutes, implement the method and start applying to companies by the end of the day.

Practical and time-effective video training

Emmanuel is the co-creator of the training course. He is a Recruitment expert based in Ho Chi Minh City for two years, Emmanuel will unclosed you the proven roadmap to follow to find a job in Vietnam.

The training has been designed to be practical and provide you the best advices that you can implement in a minimum of time. Those methods has never been shared publicly to effectively take shortcuts and find work with ease.

What does the private list of companies have ?

The private informations cannot be shared publicly because it contains sensitive data. We have counted more than 800 companies, the majority of which are: telephone number, e-mail address, website, names of the decision-maker employees (human resources, managers, etc.). This will certainly save you time on your search and allow you to get in direct contact with THE person who has to hire.

Find companies in your industry using the available filters

Access the names of managers, email addresses and even phone numbers

Give Yourself an Unfair

Advantage over Other Candidates

Start the training in the next few minutes, implement the actions within today

and you will have sent your first job applications by the end of the day.

Join the training for only $67

(limited-time discount of $601)


F.A.Q : How does it work?

  • Not a native English speaker, nor Vietnamese speaking? Many companies are employing foreigners not English-native who do not necessarily speak English very well. The call centers of IT outsourcing companies are an example. On the other hand, these companies are looking for someone who speaks French for instance to be able to answer the phone and help customers in France. Thus, it is not necessary to be a native English speaker to find a job in Vietnam.
  • What can you do when you don't know anyone? The network is important in Vietnam, but it is not essential to finding a job. If you are currently in Vietnam, the first thing to do is to join as much as Networking events as you can. If you want to save time, the list of companies and the method we provide will give you an unbeatable advantage over other candidates.
  • How do I approach a company and give my Resume? Knowing which companies are currently hiring is one thing. To maximize your chances of finding a job, you will need to send your application to a lot of recruiters using the right way. Many foreigners ruin their chances by making irreversible mistakes in this first contact. Our proven method allows you to avoid these mistakes and make a significant good impression from the recruiter perspective.

Take Action for Your Future

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